Why mobile application development with native while hybrid development options available?

February 21, 2020

Each and every business have its own needs. After reading below, it’ll be easy for you to choose right mobile application development technologies for your project.

Native mobile application development have its own benefits. It makes user experience better and easy to use, quick to find and more efficient and accessible.

User Experience

Native app is designed for a specific operating system of platform. The problem with hybrid apps are that even if they provides good user experience architecture, but it cannot build an app that provides two dominant user types: Android users and iPhone users. Their style guidelines are too different from a design perspective or you have to compromise your decision on a various stage of apps.


Features which is required device or hardware use like Geo-location, camera and many more… can be easily integrate with native applications where hybrid app struggles with some specific devices for that features integration or there will be a stability issue always.

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When it comes to safety, there are some specific reasons to go with native apps

– Easy multi-factor authentication in a Native app.

– Native app have an embedded certificate which is better than a browser for preventing man-in-the-middle attacks.


Apart from all the comparison when we talk about performance, native apps are higher than hybrid app because there is always hardware and software coordination factor involved. E.g. you cannot except apple device to work better when it’s integrated with windows.


Native app holds top positions, here as the app holder will know how to reach out maximum users. An individual prefers app from where they can reach out maximum people with their business. For that thy need to analyze maximum devices used by various factors. For example if I want to start and application within India, I would going for android native app as more than 85% of people are android users. Whereas, same with Miami or New-York, I would prefer ios native app as maximum users used apple device.

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Above mentioned features are few, yet native applications has many more important features which can really improves your Mobile application development.

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