Angular Vs React Vs Vue – Frontend Application Development Comparison

February 17, 2020

Web Application development primary requirement is HTML, CSS and JavaScript. When we are talking about Frontend Application Development JavaScript become core technologies nowadays. Its very useful to deliver hi-quality user experience and quality standards. But to achieve that standards, need to select technologies and JavaScript framework carefully. To make it easier here we provides comparison of most popular JavaScript framework Angular, React and Vue.

What is Angular.js?

JavaScript-based open-source framework for building front-end of  web applications. Released in October 2019, Angular is typescript-based framework maintain by team of developers at Google.

What’s React.js?

Developed by Facebook, introduced in 2013. React.js is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It’s is extensively used by Facebook which makes use of react components on several pages including (Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram).

What is Vue.js?

Developed by former employee of Google Evan You. Initially released in 2014. Vue.js is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. Vue.js is getting popularity in short time although there is no backing of any big company.

AngularJs vs ReactJs vs VueJs : Who are using it ?

Angular.js Development acquiring popularity as many top level organization like google,, wix, forbes and may more are using angular for their website application.

React.js Development is widly used by many companies like Yahoo, Twitter, Paypal, Udemy, Reddit, Netflix and many more..

Vue.js are used by top websites as well as many small websites like Alibaba, Baidu, Gitlab.

Technical Benefits of Angular.js, React.js and Vue.js


– Interactive UI
– Good solution for dynamic apps with single page
– Fast development process
– Demand less code in some cases
– Advanced testing features
– MVC balance
– Easier update of components
– Relatively slow when it comes to displaying enormous amounts of data
– Not as SEO friendly as desired

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– Reuse of code components
– Seo friendly
– Easy to create UI test cases
– Chrome extension makes debugging very easy
– Fast when it comes to display large amount of components
– Data binding
– Supports of virtual DOM
– Requires more code in some cases
– View oriented
– Requires manual processing of data changes


– Small size – much faster for developers to download and use
– Detailed documentation
– MVVM Architecture
– Seo Friendly
– Ease of developing large scale apps
– Simple and flexible integration process with existing app
– Language barrier
– Sometime being to flexible can be occur problems

How to choose right framework for your next project?

Small scale project Vue.js is an ideal option. If you are planning to large scale website application development, you should choose Angular.js or React.js.

Angular.js is for those who likes to have many developers, big apps, better structure and guidance where React.js is for those who likes flexibility, typescript, ready packages, big ecosystem.

Above mentioned features are few, yet each framework has many more important features which can really improves your Frontend application development.

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