8 Steps To Plan Before Developing a Successful Mobile Application

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May 28, 2019

Having mobile applications have become a necessity for every small as well as large scale businesses. But most of the mobile applications fail to make a mark and it proves as a liability rather than an asset for the companies. Hence businesses are not able to outrank their competitors whose have a successful mobile application running for them.

Developing a mobile app is more challenging compare to a website. Mobile app developers need to take into consideration which information to provide in order to sustain the interest of visitors in a limited screen space. Because of that proper planning becomes extremely inevitable and a thorough research is required about what information needs to be presented to the users in order to catch their attention.

Below are the steps that should be taken into consideration while creating a Mobile Application:

Research about the Current Requirements of Targeted Markets

Due to the major evolution in technology, needs of users are constantly changing. A hit concept is replaced by another interesting concept overnight. Hence before developing a mobile app a deep research is necessary of the targeted market. Research analysts should also be able to predict the future trends and should develop a strategy keeping that in mind.

Research about the Already Popular Apps of Competitors

A close eye on the competitors mobile applications will help a great deal while planning for an app. In order to beat the best in the industry, companies need to develop apps that can offer better functionalities to the users. For these businesses need to figure out what strategies the competitors have devised, what is their USP(Unique Selling Point) and which areas of their apps need improvement, watch on what the positive as well as negative reviews of their customers and how popular they are on the social media.

Research about the Audience who uses Similar Apps

Studying the behavioural pattern of the audiences will also help your development plan. The layout of the mobile app should be decided based on the age group that have targeted. Other things to take into consideration is what issues the users are facing while using the app and to find the opportunity by which the issues can be made redundant and the audiences can be diverted to your newly launched app.

Designing of Your Mobile Applications

The first thing to keep in mind while designing a mobile application is whether the app looks eye catchy or not. The first impression creates a big impact as studies show that the user decides within seconds whether to continue using the app or not. A mobile app designer should give special attention on the UX/UI designing of the app in order to make it more user friendly as compared to competitors.

Development of the Mobile Application

Performance of the app depends a lot on which programming languages they are built in. For example Magento is very popular for developing e-commerce apps while Python and Ruby are considered best for apps related to social media networking. Another major factor is to choose a programming language in which integration of API can be done easily and without placing too much load on the app itself. Budget allotted for the app, the time frame given to complete development, multi platform support are some of the other factors that companies should keep in mind while development.

Decide a Time Frame for Generating Revenue from App

Based on the business companies need to decide how they can monetize from their mobile app. If a business wants to earn money right from the beginning than they should launch a paid app and decide on the costing depending on the service they provide. If the user wants to increase downloads and then earn money than they should launch a Freemium app in which downloading of the app is free but some of its exclusive features are paid. Another thing is to decide whether or not to have ads of third parties in your app who pays you whenever someone clicks on the ads from your app.

What Marketing Efforts will Be Undertaken To Promote the Mobile Application

Every website or a mobile application no matter how good it is needs to reach more and more audiences. Hence marketing is the key which is needed to be done with proper planning. Digital marketing has been proven very effective in order to promote mobile apps. It is done by creating awareness on social media, promotion on prominent search engines like Google and Yahoo as well as running paid promotion campaigns.

Keeping Check On Rules and Regulations and Framing Privacy Policy

Data security has become a major concern now a days and mobile application companies must ensure from the start that no data of users is shared without their consent. Hence a solid privacy policy should be defined right from the beginning in case the app needs to collect any personal information of the users. Also companies need to follow policies of different countries regarding data sharing, for example European countries now follow GDPR regulation which has main focus on protecting personal information of their people.

Final Thoughts

Mobile applications if developed in a planned manner can give a huge boost to the businesses. If all the above points are taken into consideration than one can ensure a mobile app that can attain success even in the highest competitive markets.

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