Step by Step Guide to Store Session Data in Database

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October 12, 2018

As you know that there is a cut throat competition in web development field and only the ones that provide quality work are attaining success in these business. But innovation is the key to success and hence developers at Virtueinfo are working hard to provide quality output and that too by reducing complexity in coding.

Our web developers are vastly experienced and have completed many projects in PHP development using Symfony framework. As a result of which they also come up with innovative solutions one of which is how to obtain a simple solution of storing session data in database. We are always eager to help fellow developers by providing solutions as our belief is that the true value of knowledge is measured when shared with others. So below we have shared an easy way to store session data in database as many large websites make it a compulsion to follow these procedure.

Symfony provides “PdoSessionHandler” which is a built-in solution to store database.

Using these we have to follow the below four steps.
Step1 : Going to config.yml file.

Put below codes in config.yml

Step2 : Going to parameter.yml file.

Put below codes in parameter.yml

Step3 : Create table in your database.

The SQL statement for creating the needed database table might look like the following (MySQL):

Step4 : Below commands are for symfony enviorment to clear cache.

php app/console cache:clear --env=prod
php app/console cache:clear --env=stage
php app/console cache:clear --env=dev
cache clear your browser

Follow all the above steps and witness the magic of how simply the session is stored in database

Benefits of Storing Session Data in Database
  • It is will be very helpful when you have to limit the number of users logging in at the same time on your website
  • It would be very helpful if we want to restrict multiple login of users using the same username for security purposes
  • It is useful when we want to check the actions that user is performing after logging in
  • We can easily identify inactive users and can log them out
  • As the session is stored in database we will not face the issue of large disk space storage
  • It is highly secure because no one has access to the session dat

Our dedicated Symfony developers are always eager to look for ways to reduce complex coding. And hence we have come up with many methods which we have implemented in developing large Symfony based websites. Check out our blog section for more solutions and provide quality output that matches your client’s expectations .

At Virtueinfo, we develop custom enterprise web application and mobile application development for Virtueinfo customers from the all over the world. We are building applications using Symfony Framework since 2006 and all these years of experience has made our symfony framework developers an expert in developing large scale applications for businesses.

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