7 Sure Shot Advantages of Using Symfony PHP Framework

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October 11, 2018

Developing a website using PHP has been the most popular and preferable practice widely used by the whole world. But as the world is changing at a rapid pace, PHP development too had to be evolved in order to match the changing conditions. In order to do that frameworks were developed so that it can be used while developing a website in PHP but with increased functionalities and reduced time.

Now the million dollar question is, which framework to use while developing PHP application as there are many frameworks available like Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, YII, Cake PHP, Zend framework etc. The framework on which many of the companies and developers using Symfony framework for enterprise large scale web application development. Below are the 7 reasons that will explain why Symfony has an added advantage against other frameworks and why it is beneficial for developers as well as businesses.

Highly Reliable

Symfony is the only framework that has worked beyond expectations as it was specifically developed to create the applications faster. Popular platforms like PHPBB, Magento, Drupal etc uses Symfony framework as it is an open source helping developers to create their own modules. Top websites like Spotify, DocPlanner, Bla Bla Car, National Geographic and many more are developed using Symfony framework and the reason behind this is it’s high reliability.

Fast Development

Symfony uses set of reusable PHP components which makes it faster than other frameworks. For example Symfony is 3 times faster than Zend framework. Another reason is that it occupies less memory compared to other frameworks because of which high performance is guaranteed in a very quick time.

Free Documentation

The main reason why Symfony became huge success amongst developers is it’s in depth documentation. Symfony itself provides free documentation regarding it’s setup, creating pages, routing, controllers, templates and configuration. In addition to that Symfony website has also ready to download PDF versions available which explains about how to install and use Symfony components, which are the reusable packages that adds multiple features for Symfony applications and what configuration options are available. So any PHP developer can make use of these free documentation and develop a website with high quality features.

Flexibility for Developers

Symfony has inbuilt plugins which are also known as bundles. Developers can directly use these bundles in order to add features and functionality to the website. Also the major advantage is that they can use and reuse this bundles in other projects too as Symfony allows developers to make changes to the bundles. Hence it saves a lot of time as developers can directly use this plugins instead of wasting time and energy on writing code for the basic things. This will also help developers to concentrate more on the complex functionalities of a website.

Access to Symfony Community

Symfony community consists of over 600,000 developers from more than 120 countries. If a developer is stuck somewhere or facing any issue, then they can join the community and share the problem with them. The developers in that community will provide quick and easy solutions based on their experiences. By this way the developers will get an accurate solution which will speed up the development process and generate a highly desirable output.

User Friendly Framework

The big reason behind the failure of most of the frameworks is its complexity and lack of user friendliness. Symfony has scored greatly in this area as it can be easily used by the expert developers as well as newcomers without any difficulties. The framework has it’s each step clearly defined which makes it easy for the developers to understand and implement it effectively in their website.

Beneficial to Large Scale Businesses

Large scale businesses prefer Symfony framework as it is fast and takes fewer resources to develop. The components of this framework has given businesses the flexibility to integrate complex features in their website. Symfony can be used to create large enterprise websites as it guarantees longevity of the website due to its powerful code.

In addition to the above mention advantages there are other advantages like long term support, unit testing and functional testing done easily, effective handling of security issues by the Symfony core team and many more.


Symfony developers are working continuously in order to make the framework more and more compatible and easy to use. Hence the websites developed using Symfony PHP framework guarantees longer durability reducing the risk of any security or other code related issues, thus giving utmost satisfaction to the developers and pleasing the businesses.

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