HIPAA Compliant Healthcare App Development

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December 12, 2019

Imagine you are associate with healthcare business weather it’s like health insurance companies, hospital, individual clinics or healthcare solution developers who work with PHI should know about HIPAA compliance Healthcare APP Development. In short Health insurance portability and accountability act across America for who that offers IT Service and Solution in Healthcare Industries, known as HIPAA.

What is HIPAA?

If you are planning to developer or create healthcare solutions in terms of web, mobile app, software or other forms, you should be concerned about data privacy which is created, stored and transferred via your created healthcare solutions.

HIPAA is created with following purpose
1. Privacy of Health Information
2. Security of Electronic Records
3. Administrative Simplification
4. Insurance Portability

For deep understanding, first of all you have to get more information about Protected Health Information know as PHI.

What is PHI?

PHI is an information for health, medical status and payment information for healthcare which is created, stored or transferred by a Covered Entity or a Business Associate that can be linked to an individual who sought medical care.

According to HIPAA Healthcare Institutes, Healthcare Providers, Health plan provides who use medial services to transmit PHI using IT in forms of Software, Website or APP comes under Covered Entity.

Business Associated are anyone who collects, stores or transmit PHI for a Covered Entity which comes under HIPAA.

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HIPAA Complaint Features List


PHI Disposal

Transmission Security

User Authentication

Proper Access Control

Secure Data Backup

Responsible Audit Control

Device Security

healthcare app development

Checklist For HIPAA compliant mobile healthcare app development.

Why you need HIPAA?

First of all you have to make sure that you needs HIPAA compliance.

Sign a BAA

Business Associate Agreement (BAA) always protect you from the damage done by 3rd party if you are using. You must sign BBA first.

Keep Data Encrypted

Always make text messaging data encrypted to ensure security of your app or software.

Privacy Policy

When user signup, create clear and detailed privacy policy.

Data Protection Layer

Make sure to create good data protection for user by making good interface and features like two-factor authentication, OTP and timeout for local session. It creates a secure you healthcare app.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud

Always HIPAA compliant cloud service instead store data on local devices.

Right Development Partner

Must hire a mobile app development company who has experience in HIPAA complaint software development who provides manual and automation testing services for your healthcare app.

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How to become HIPAA-Compliant Enterprise?

While developing your healthcare app, web or software make sure you use technical guidelines mentioned in HIPAA act. It covers like data encryption, login, activity logs, emergency access and many more. For physical guidelines includes servers, security of data center and other hardware which works on backend for the healthcare solution.

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How to choose HIPAA complaint development partner?

HIPAA seems to be tough and confusing body when you compare it with GDPR, FDA, HL 7 or other regulations. You need an experience healthcare app developer who has good experience and already worked with HIPAA.

Virtueinfo has the expertise who can be your reliable partner for your HIPAA complaint app, web or software development. Send you inquiry at sales@virtueinfo.com or contact us for your Healthcare APP Development.

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