Healthcare Application Development Have Revolutionized Healthcare Industry

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May 28, 2019

Technology has changed the face of many industries but the industry that needed it the most is the Healthcare Industry. Healthcare is the type of industry which is ever increasing and will never go out of business. In addition to that the unhealthy lifestyle of people have given the industry a great boost in the past few decades. But if we look at the scenario before smartphones than it was not easy getting consultations at big hospitals and due to a huge rush of patients there was a chaos life situation that often lead to mismanagement creating a bad reputation for the hospitals.

But things changed for the good after the use of smartphones as medical apps for an individual hospital were created that can take care about the appointment schedule as well as doctor’s consultations in a systematic manner. According to a recent study the downloads of healthcare application development has increased almost three times compared to the past few years.

Reasons why Healthcare Applications have Achieved Stupendous Success
Immediate Treatment of Common Ailments

Gone are the days when people have to pay a visit to the hospital for common ailments like cough and cold. Because of the mobile healthcare apps a patients from home can consult hospitals and doctors of their choice who can assist them via SMS or video calling. In addition to that doctors can also connect the patients to the nearest pharmacy from the same app itself. There are many apps providing this type of services and one of the app that has achieved great success due to its HIPAA compliance platform and user friendly design is Heltha.

Saves Considerable Amount of Time

Using healthcare apps patients can book appointments and a time slot is allotted to them based on the availability. This has eradicated the long queues of patients thus saving their valuable time. In addition to that even the lab tests can be booked through the same app and the reports are directly forwarded to the concerned doctor hence saving a considerable amount of time.

Cost Effective Solution

Healthcare apps can prove to be quite a money saver for the patients. From the app they can select the hospital which is in their budget and hence there is no last minute panic when they receive the bill. Also as some of the consultations can be done by messaging or video calling it becomes quite cheaper for the patients as they save themselves from the cost of a trip to the hospital.

Healthcare Apps have made Work Easy for Doctors and Medical Representatives

Doctors and healthcare organizations also benefit greatly from the medical mobile app. They can allocate sufficient time to a patient depending on their daily schedule which they can easily retrieve from the app. Also they can look at their regular patients medical records like their last visit, which medication they are on, their allergies and many other historical records.

Helpful for the Locations without Proper Healthcare Facilities

Not all the latest healthcare facilities are still available to people residing in remote areas. Earlier in case of any illness they have to travel a long distance and if they are not able to book appointment on time they also have to wait in long queues for their turn. But nowadays because of the healthcare apps people can get consultation from their apps from anywhere around the world. In some situations if the need arises to visit the hospital, then they can book an appointment online so that they are treated at their convenient time without the wait period.

Easy to Store Previous Medical Records of Patients

In some of the illness it is mandatory for the doctors to study the past history of patients without giving them the medication. Earlier it was difficult to keep records of previous illnesses or medication as sometimes things gets misplaced hence creating a confusion for the doctors as well as patients. But the healthcare apps creates an individual profile for each patient maintaining all their historic medical records at one place. This helps the doctors in retrieving the records easily and give medication on the basis of that.

The Possibility of Incorrect Diagnosis is Eradicated

In the past we have seen many cases where the patients have lost their lives because of wrong diagnosis. But the use of healthcare apps have eliminated this possibility as the doctors can get an accurate reports which helps them in prescribing correct medicines. Also it eradicates the human error scenario where the medical staff can enter some wrong information due to negligence on their behalf.

User Friendly Healthcare Applications Developed by Experienced Mobile Developers

The key reason behind the success of healthcare apps is the skilled working of the mobile app developers. The apps are built in such a way that each and every thing is customizable and can change according to the working of healthcare organizations. There are highly talented IOS and Android mobile developers that can make the app easy to use and without any bugs so that even a novice mobile user can access the app without any confusion.

Easy Options to Pay Medical Bills

Due to these healthcare apps now patients can pay the money as per their convenience. There is no need to stand in long queues or be worried of any last moment extra charges that they didn’t knew before. Patients can check the bill beforehand on the healthcare app and can select the option of paying the money online or at the hospital. They also get the option to pay the bill via credit and debit cards from the app itself.

Virtueinfo is a leading healthcare application development company with years of experience in providing healthcare solutions. Our mobile developers are highly skilled and have developed many healthcare Android and IOS apps for clients all over the world.

Contact us with your requirements or you can mail us directly at and we will get back to you in no time with the perfect solutions for your needs.

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Telehealth software has not only changed the healthcare industry completely but also helped a lot of people go through this crazy pandemic. Thanks for sharing the advantages of healthcare software, I believe the future belongs to it!

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Time plays a significant role when it comes to treating common or serious health issues. And with the availability of healthcare services on smartphones, one can most definitely save a lot of time and money and still get the proper treatment.

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