Benefits of using Ruby on Rails for Web and Mobile Applications

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May 28, 2019

Ruby is one of the most popular scripting language as it is widely used by startups as well as established businesses. According to a recent study ruby on rails developers builds applications almost 30% faster compared to other programming languages. The reason behind this is that Ruby uses Agile software development process which enables ROR developers to set up applications very rapid as each and every aspect is listed systematically.

Features that Makes Ruby on Rails Stand Out in Competition
MVC Architecture

Ruby on Rails Framework is based on model, view and controller architecture. Model maintains the relationship between the objects and the database and handles validation, association, transactions, and more. View is a presentation of data in a particular format, triggered by a controller’s decision to present the data. Controller directs traffic and organizes the data into a form that fits the needs of a given view. This makes the development process very rapid for ROR developers as if one developer is working on models, then at the same time another can work on controllers as well as views. This also makes the code easy to maintain and other teams can also pick up the code without an hassles.

Safe and Secure ROR Applications

Ruby has by default built in security features that makes it more popular compared to other scripting languages. It prevents cross-site scripting by sanitising input and encoding output. It also prevents cross site request forgery by including a token named authenticity_token within HTML responses. Other than the default features developers can also develop custom made security features in order to make the website robust and immune to hacking.

SEO Friendly Framework

Ruby on Rails is highly popular in order to get high rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. It offers customized url feature by which urls can be modified as per search engine algorithms. In addition to that we can also easily incorporate SEO plug-ins with Ruby in order to optimize, Heading tags, Title Text, Alt Texts, Meta descriptions and many more.

In-Built Libraries

Ruby on Rails consists of a number of libraries which can be directly used by the developers instead of writing the whole code. This makes the development process very rapid.


It is very simple to debug errors in Ruby as detailed log errors are provided for each and every module. This logs are then used to identify the error and debug applications.

Reuse of Code

ROR developers can reuse the code that makes development process simpler and faster. The reusable code is stored in components that can be included to modularize templates.

Major Advantages of Using Ruby on Rails Framework
Cost Effectiveness

Ruby on Rails is free and it runs on Linux which is an open source so it reduces the costs of developing applications and is more preferred by businesses worldwide.

Rapid Development

There are many readymade modules available in Ruby which can integrate easily with third parties. Also the ability to use components and the option of integration testing makes development very easy and quick for the ROR developers.

Easy to Maintain Code

Coding in Ruby is much more simplified compared to other frameworks as well as the use of English language in general syntaxes makes it more easy for the developers to understand the code. Moreover it is relatively easy for a new developer to understand the code of an existing project.

Support by Active ROR Community

There are a massive number of ROR developers on Github that are always ready to provide assistance if needed. So if a developer has to build a complex functionality there is a high chance that some other ROR developer has already built the functionality and can help thus making the development easier.

Availability of Gems or Plug-ins

Ruby provides gems or plug-ins which can be integrated easily with the existing code. Some of the highly used plug-ins are Turbolinks, Figaro, Sidekiq, Pry, Devise and many more.

Ruby on Rails Framework is widely used for below projects
E-Commerce Businesses

Ruby on Rails has many in built features that are perfectly suited for an ecommerce website. It also offers an option of bulk upload of images, selection of more than one product at a time, updating of titles and descriptions of products, tools to change sizes as well as crop images, function to maximize images when clicked and many more.

Content Management Systems

The functionalities provided by Ruby on Rails is well-matched with the requirements of a content management system. Creation of new pages, running database queries as well as template handling is easy in a CMS that is developed using ruby. Some of the most popular CMS developed using Ruby on Rails are Radiant, Adva, Browser CMS, Refinery CMS, Locomotive CMS and many more.

Social Networking Sites

There are n number of plug-ins and functions available in Ruby that can used to create a social networking site at a very fast pace. Some of the popular gems that are used for building social networking sites are mailboxer, Ryanto, airblade, sunspot and many more.


Ruby on Rails framework has been running since many years and is still popular among developers due to its amazing features and the long list of cons displayed above. So if anyone is looking to create large applications on a limited budget, or want to build a large ecommerce website in a quick time than Ruby may be the best option that can be prove extremely beneficial in the long run.

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