How to Make Your E-Commerce Business a Thriving Success

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May 28, 2019

Starting up an e-commerce business requires a lot of efforts. We should know what the consumer wants and we need to provide them things at a reasonable price in this cut throat competition. But what if I tell you that this is not the biggest challenge that an e-commerce entrepreneur has to face. Because the biggest challenge is to set up an ecommerce portal and making it the most talked about thing in the internet world.

In other words you need to take all the measures in order to make your e commerce business a big hit by focusing on the design, development as well as the marketing aspects of the portal. Below are the things that every e-commerce enthusiast must do in order to achieve success.

Select the most Compatible E-Commerce Framework

Every e-commerce business needs a strong framework that will help the portal to run effortlessly. The key is to search for a framework that is compatible with your business goals. In other words the framework should cover all the functionalities that you want and that too within your planned budget. The best option is to choose PHP based frameworks as it is open source and have a range of functionalities that can fulfil all your web design and development needs. Some of the best examples of PHP based frameworks are Symfony framework, Laravel Framework, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter and many more.

Don’t make the mistake of Rushing Website Launch

This is one of the most common mistakes made by owners as they are eager to put their business online. Our suggestion is that first impression is the last impression. So go ahead with the launch only after you have checked and double checked all the aspects of your requirements that includes digital marketing services, social media marketing, paid marketing and many more.

Consumer is the King

Every ecommerce business needs to keep in mind the changing trends of the market and act accordingly. For example now a day’s consumers can’t decide just looking at the products and they want to a trial before buying. So ecommerce business should provide facilities like easy exchange or refunds, free shipping, discounts for regular customers and many other offers.

Eye Catchy Website Design

Consumers will buy what they see and like so give them the best visual experience. Website Designing or UI/UX designing will play a big part in this. Business owners need to be double sure about the layout and keep it user friendly as well as graphically appealing. The designing should be such that the consumers can examine every aspect of the product without too much hassle.

Special Attention on Social Media

The best way to promote any e-commerce business is utilize social media and reach as many people as possible. Social Media will help you to identify your targeted customers based on the demographics like age, gender, occupation, location and many other factors. A good strategy is to hire a social media manager who can focus on promoting products and reaching desired customers.

Have a Mobile App for your Business

Having a mobile app has become a mandatory thing for every e-commerce business as mobile sales are overtaking the sales made by websites. Each and every consumer has a Smartphone and providing them with the best mobile app where they can browse the products easily and as per their convenience will be a great plus for an ecommerce business.

Tick all the points of an SEO checklist

Having your website’s presence in prominent search engines like Google, Bing etc will give a strong boost to your business. Make sure you get all your titles, descriptions and headings correct for each and every page of your portal. If a consumer is looking for a particular product on Google and your website appears on first page of that search engine that it is more likely of that consumer to buy from your website.

Make Testing a Recurring Process

Your E-commerce portal and your mobile app should be tested regularly in order to check a small glitch or bug in your site that can result in losing potential customers. They are specialized quality assurance analysts for this who can test the website by performing test like functionality testing, load testing, interface testing, Acceptance testing and many more.

Integrate Widely Used Payment Gateways

Payment gateway integration is a must for any ecommerce portal. Integrating popular payment gateways like Paypal, Amazon Pay, purchase through credit and debit cards will give ease to your consumers in buying products and hence will increase your credibility in the business.

All the above factors if implemented properly will guarantee the success of an ecommerce business. These are the basic requirements that all the e-commerce start-ups as well as businesses that are online from many years but still struggling to achieve success can implement and see their dreams come into reality.
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