Incorporating Robotic Process Automation into Businesses

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May 28, 2019

The barometer for success of each and every business is its ability to deliver output which is of high quality and without any errors. Organizations tend to hire more and more skilled people in order to reduce the possibilities of any glitches in work. But no matter how talented people are, they are always chances of a human error due to a number of reasons.

Because of the above factors, businesses were in search for a way by which they can get quality output which is 100 % error free. Robotic Process Automation(RPA) was developed keeping in mind exactly that at the starting point, but as the technology progressed it proved to be much more beneficial. The best use of RPA technology is to perform monotonous work with maximum accuracy and without any human intervention. In addition to that, industries can provide round the clock and real time output to their clients as RPA does not need sleep or rest like humans.

The major advantages of Using Robotic Process Automation for Business are as below:

Cost Effective

Using RPA to perform mundane tasks has proved to be very cost saving as all the tasks are automated and can be done round the clock. So it increases productivity as quality output is delivered and it can perform work of two or three people single handedly thus proving to be very profitable for the companies.

Quality and Error Free Output

Even the work of a highly efficient employee can be affected due to many external reasons like sickness, family emergencies, tiredness and many other factors. Sometimes even a small error can result in huge losses for business. Using RPA to do the same work can guarantee an error free work as no external factors will come to play that can affect the work efficiency even if the work is done continuously 24 hours a day.

Use of Manpower for Critical Tasks

As most of the repetitive work are done by robots, it gives flexibility to the companies to assign tasks to their employees that require high level of thinking. For example an organization can focus on expanding their business instead of continuously checking and rechecking the work of their employees. As quality output is guaranteed by RPA, the company can divert its manpower to tasks that are not possible without human intervention.

No need to Spend on Outsourcing

Most of the developed nations tend to outsource work that is repetitive and dull as hiring n number of employees can prove to be very costly for them. But outsourcing has its own risks and challenges as sometimes there are cases of choosing fraud companies which are difficult to track as they are located at very far from the location of their business. Robotic Process Automation can be prove very beneficial as once a company adapts this technology than most of the repetitive work can be done by robots their itself. Moreover, they have the ability to deliver output round the clock and hence there is no need to recruit more employees as most of the work is automated.

Reduced Time Frame to Complete Tasks

In today’s cutting edge competition, clients mostly gives preferences to companies that guarantees faster delivery of output without compromising on the quality. The businesses that have incorporated robotic process automation technology have more chances to be selected by clients as they can live up on their promise of delivery quality output within the given time frame.

Ability to Analyze Workflow Process

RPA comes with a functionality where robots keep a record of all the work done and the process of how it has been performed. Also they can generate a detailed report for analysis from which a business can differentiate which processes are working well and where they can make changes in order to provide more quality output. Also future forecasting can be made more accurately on the basis of the current reports generated by robots.


Because of all the above reasons, robotic process automation is increasing in demand and will play a major role by the end of 2019 according to a survey. Many big industries like Banking, Financial and Insurance have already incorporated this technology to improve their workflow and ease their processes. Although there are still some challenges that needs to be researched upon before implementing this technology, we can say that RPA is here to stay and will move to attain higher popularity in the coming future.

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