Advantages of Using Magento for E-Commerce Platform Development

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May 28, 2019

Magento is a leading open source ecommerce platform that not only provides the online businesses with a state of the art shopping system but also renders full control over the content, designing and functionality of their online store. The success of Magento for ecommerce is such that even the top brands like Ford, Coca Cola and many more have preferred it for their online stores.

Below are the reasons why Magento Framework is most Preferred for Ecommerce Business
Easy Content Editing and Management

Magento comes with an in built content editor that makes it relatively easy to format text, insert images, audio and video files, create hyperlinks and tables. In addition to that the user friendly WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to work with HTML coding.

Magento Responsive Themes

Magento responsive themes allows its users to integrate their accounts with all their devices. Moreover it proves very beneficial budget wise as responsive themes reduces the cost to create separate desktop and mobile websites. As a result of that whenever there are any changes in the products then developer need to only change it in the main site and that change will be updated automatically in all the responsive versions of the website.

Magento Plugins and Extensions

Magento has some of the most useful inbuilt plugins and extensions that can enhance the user experience making the online portal look more effective. The community of Magento developers have built many useful plugins , out of which some widely used Magento ecommerce plugins are Shipworks, Zopim Live Chat, Fontis Securepay, Magic Zoom, SERP Editor and Yotpo Product Reviews.

SEO Friendly CMS

Magento is one of the most advanced SEO friendly CMS as compared to other content management systems. It was created keeping SEO factors in mind so that the products can rank high in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It has the option of creating customized SEO friendly urls and easy meta implementation options. The major benefit is that it offers tracking to check how many people visited the portal just like Google Analytics.

Magento for Mobile Commerce

Magento developers anticipated very early the rise of mobile shopping and hence created a mobile friendly platform. Some of the benefits of using mobile websites developed in Magento are easy checkout process, easy integration with payment gateways like PayPal, mobile responsive themes, Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) for rapid and appealing mobile experiences and many more.

Currency and Multilingual Support

Another important feature of Magento is the ability of supporting all type of currencies of the world. Also it provides multilingual support so it gives an option to the businesses to even target the customers from the non English speaking countries. This gives an edge to online portal owners to be one step ahead of the competition.

Highly Stable and Secure CMS

Every open source ecommerce platform is prone to attacks from hackers as there are money transactions involved. Using Magento can be a great advantage when security is concerned because there is no need to use many third party plug-ins as the inbuilt plugins are more than adequate to develop an online portal. Also it provides many security extensions like Magento Firewall, Magento Antivirus, Magento Malware Removal, Magento CMS protection etc in order to keep the portal secure.

Easy Third Party Integrations

As online businesses tend to provide new and exciting features to businesses, the use of 3rd party tools have increased. Magento offers the facility to easily integrate 3rd party tools to the portal. Some of the most used 3rd party tools are Ebay, Mailchimp, PayPal, Google Shopping, QuickBooks as well as integration to Google Analytics.

Large Community of Magento Developers

There are more than 800,000 certified Magento developers in the world who have created innovative plug-ins and functionalities to enhance an ecommerce store. This developers provides support to other Magento developers by sharing their knowledge about how to develop a unique functionality. This saves a lot of time of the developers and an advanced ecommerce portal can be created in a very quick time.

Easy to Upgrade

As more and more people are turning to ecommerce for online shopping it becomes very important to fix bugs and issues in the existing platform. With each new version of Magento it provides solutions for any existing bugs as well as advanced security features in order to overcome any hacks. The upgrade also helps in increasing user experience of the ecommerce portal hence making it more popular.


Above are just some of the benefits of using Magento for ecommerce platform but as a content management system it has limitless options. Virtueinfo provides quality Magento development services and has helped many businesses in creating an excellent online portal exactly as per the requirements.

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You have written quite an impressive and well-detailed article for the businessman looking to grow the business. The points that have been mentioned here will surely help the young entrepreneur to start their career and enhance their knowledge.
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A very informative post. Thanks for sharing.