• Specially developed for Farmers, Suppliers & Buyers
  • Easy to use Echo System for Grocery Markets
  • Company Admin can manage Products, Suppliers, Locations
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Virtueinfo developed Ruokapiiri - an online ordering system for Grocery Market, where buyer can order as per their daily needs based on their locations. Specially appointed area manager will manage the orders.



Ruokapiiri offers an easy way for buyers who wants to order groceries online in Finland area. It was developed so that suppliers, producers and food stores can handle their orders and find each other.

Client Requirements

The customer requirement was to build a website where the whole process of buying and selling groceries can be managed online. The primary requirement was to build a system where admin can manage all the aspects of the website that includes products, categories, packages, prices, locations, suppliers, buyers, orders and invoices.

They wanted to divide the site in three categories producers, food managers and buyers with individual features for all the categories. Another requirement was a separate dashboard for area admin where they can manage all the orders and generate reports.

Technology Used

The website was developed using PHP. In addition to that we used cutting edge technologies like JQuery as a JS library and MYSQL as an open source database management system.


The following features were developed by our team as per the requirements of client

  • Separate sections for suppliers, producers and food stores
  • System admin can manage suppliers, location, products, packages and invoices
  • Feature for suppliers to view the order information with location
  • Area admin can manage buyers and orders
  • Feature for producers to manage price list, receive order summary and print invoice
  • Feature for food manager to handle the order date
  • Feature for buyers to browse and place the order
  • Multilingual content for users (English, and Finnish)
  • Special dashboard for buyers to view, edit and delete their orders.
  • Feature to generate report in PDF or CSV format
  • Feature to display number of products of selected producers
  • Feature to display supplier areas of producers
  • Feature to display food district, area and membership of food managers
  • Feature to display additional producer information
  • Feature to display additional food info


Ruokapiiri is one of the most used website for grocery shopping since 2005. The reason for the success of these website is the user friendly system where customers can do shopping without experiencing any bugs or issues.

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