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Cloud'N'Sci became a gamechanger for algorithm developers and users after Virtueinfo build an irresistible business model for them which is widely used by global markets



Cloud'N'Sci Ltd is a Finnish company founded in 2010 with a single goal in mind: to turn algorithms into business. The Cloud'N' marketplace offers algorithm developers a shortcut to global markets and makes solutions available to a wide range of business applications.

Client Requirements

The foremost requirement of Cloud'N'Sci owner was to build an irresistible business model for both algorithm developers and users. They needed a platform from where the users can share their data for refining and the developers can offer algorithmic solutions according to the sample data.

As there were lot of transactions involved between users and developers, the client wanted the website to be robust and bug free. Also there were calculations involved regarding the bill generation, so they wanted an easy to use dashboard with perfect calculations and details about the algorithm usage.

Technology Used

The main technology that was used to develop the website was Symfony framework and Core PHP. Also we used technologies like JQuery as a JS library and MYSQL as an open source database management system. In addition to that we used System Daemon, Docker, OAuth 2 and cURL to make the website easy to use and without any errors.


The following features were developed by our team as per the requirements of client

  • Developed a catalogue for users to select from algorithms and applications
  • Feature to check the bill amount based on the usage.
  • Feature to give ratings to the developers.
  • Feature to search agency from a list of agencies
  • Feature to login as a company provider or as an individual
  • Feature to test the algorithm solutions given by the provider
  • Monthly report send to the provider regarding payment
  • Conditional invoice generated every month
  • Feature to check the best provider list based on the ratings
  • Feature to share the algorithm results on social media channels
  • Multi lingual feature inbuilt for users of all countries
  • Feature to sign up without entering payment details
  • Special sidebar featuring hot applications, building blocks and solutions
  • Read more button to check the solution summary in detail


Cloud'N'Sci is enormously popular marketplace offering algorithm developers a shortcut to global markets and makes their algorithms available to a wide range of business applications. Due to the robust system developed by Virtueinfo it eases application integration and protects developer IPR by keeping algorithmic innovations secured inside the servers.

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